Bariatric surgery in India is getting popularized with each passing day due to its effectivity. It is a treatment that helps patients to lose weight and get relieved from obesity. The changes made in the digestive system restrict the food consumption and make the patient feel full sooner even with small meals. The surgery mainly focuses on reducing the stomach size and changing the smaller intestine. This process will affect the absorption of the nutrients from the food and drinks.

Basically, the digestion process starts from the mouth when we chew food, mixing enzyme in saliva to it. While in the stomach, food gets mixed with a number of digestive juices and gets absorbed when calories and nutrients get digested and absorbed. The remains of the indigestible food move on to the duodenum and get excreted on a regular basis.

Bariatric surgery in India is famous, enabling patients from all over the world to gain proportionate weight, according to the height and body structure. Besides aiding in long term weight loss, the surgery also improves longevity and improvement or resolution of co-existing medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, etc. Patients suffering from type II diabetes have shown their insulin levels have returned to normal post-surgery, resulting in reversal of diabetes.

Bariatric surgery is basically of four types.

Gastric Bypass

People looking for Bariatric surgery in India can opt for Gastric bypass, a weight loss surgery that changes the type of food intake and absorption in your body. Patients are bound to feel full as soon as the surgery takes place. Post surgery the size of the stomach becomes smaller and food doesn’t reach some part of the intestine. Hence, fewer calories gets the chance to be absorbed. As the body gets lesser calories from the food consumed, it starts burning the existing fat in the body and use them to meet patient’s daily needs, decreasing the amount of accumulated fat in the body.Gastric Bypass

The surgery procedure takes place majorly in two ways.

The surgeon uses staples to divide the stomach into a smaller section on the top and leaving a larger section in the bottom. The top section known as the pouch is the place where the consumed food must go. Generally, the pouch is not larger a walnut. When the patients eat, the 1 ounce (oz) capacity of the stomach allows them to consume little.

The second way is performing a bypass. The surgeon connects the jejunum of the small intestine to the pouched portion of the stomach, so that, the food can travel to the new opening directly from the pouch. This is an impeccable way to make your body consume lesser calories than usual.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

As the term suggests, the surgeon resects a large portion of the stomach leaving a banana sized smaller portion. The reduced amount of food easily fills the restricted stomach, decreasing the urge to consume food randomly.


During this Bariatric surgery, a tiny camera is used to survey the organ positions in your belly. As the camera is referred to as laparoscope in medical terms, the surgery procedure is known as laparoscopy.

  • The surgeon cuts 2 to 5 small sections in around your bellygastric sleeve surgery

  • The surgical instruments and scopes are inserted in the body through these cuts


  • A video monitor in the operation theater shows the internal situation of the belly


  • The surgeons remove most of the stomach remotely from the patient’s body

  • Surgical staples are used to join the remaining portion of the stomach

  • The surgeons do not need to mingle with the sphincter muscle which allows food to get in or out of the intestine

  • After removing the tools and scopes, the cuts are stitched or pasted close to complete the weight loss surgery procedure

Gastric Balloon

The non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical equipment known as the gastric balloon is used in this bariatric surgery. The procedure is also known as balloon insertion procedure which is quite a famous one. After the balloon enters the stomach, the surgeon expands the balloon with sterilized saline and places it in the stomach. When the balloon becomes large enough to pass through the bowel, it is suitable to float in the stomach without creating any hassle.

gastric balloon surgery

The patients have to swallow the balloon when it is capsule sized. The deflated equipment is created with a thin catheter-like device which makes the balloon fluid filled. After the process is done, the straw or thin tube is removed from the stomach. Thus, the stomach gets mostly filled with the balloon leaving little space for food.

Gastric Band

In this weight loss surgery, doctors use an adjustable gastric band to restrict the size of the stomach in different procedures. One of the most commonly executed processes isvertically banded gastroplasty.

gastric band surgery

In some of the techniques, the surgeons proceed with laparoscopy to insert, place and tighten a silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach. A pouch like formation is created for food utility and the rest of the stomach is practically obsolete. For adjusting the silicone band, a plastic tube is inserted just under the skin. Sterile saline flows through the pipe to tighten the silicone band around the stomach.

There are many professional and veteran doctors who specialized in bariatric surgery in India. The surgery is proven for weight loss and also reduces the risk of side effects for getting improved results.

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