A significant number of people think of Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to be a single treatment method. The term is often used interchangeably. But technically, cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive plastic surgeries are the two branches of Plastic surgery. The two streams of the plastic surgery concern have different functionalities. While the surgeries upgrade the outlook of a person, reconstructive surgery is for enhancing or reconstructing normal function of human body.

Some physicians consider plastic surgery as a necessary procedure while neglecting the cosmetic surgery as it is optional and is chosen by the patient to uplift their outward appearance.

Both cosmetic surgery in India and plastic surgery deal with processes that improve the physical appeal of the body. The principle, technique and procedures are more or less same with the same focus of both the stream. Relating to the area and purpose of the surgeries, the plastic surgery field can further be divided into 9 types. Each of them deals with the outer portion of the body and are not responsible for any organ improvement.

Face Lifting

In the past few years, face lifting surgery has become affordable for all classes of people in India. In fact, people from western countries travel to India for face lifting surgery as it is much more costly in their home country. Thus, profitable exchange rate and minimal language barrier have initiated cosmetic tourism in India. Facelift surgery or Rhytidectomy mainly targets the wrinkles and diminishes them from the source. As the result of the rejuvenating surgery, the patients get firm and young looking face. Certified doctors of major boards offer these surgeries in best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India.

The surgery is of great importance in this surgical procedure. It not only reverses the effect of age on the skin but also replenishes sun damage, genetic contours and gravity effects. The surgery reshapes the lower two-third of the face and rejuvenates the upper one-third by brow lift or eyelid surgery.

The surgery usually takes place under general anesthesia and takes about 4 to 5 hours maximum. In some cases, facelift surgery is blended with blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and brow lift for making the face improved in aesthetic aspects. Along with other functions, facelift surgery also removes unsuitable double-chins.

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Neck Lifting

People who are bothered with skin problems on neck such as loose skin, sagging and wrinkles generally opt for neck lift surgery. Different procedures named Cervicoplasty for removing extra skin, Platismaplasty for tightening loose muscle are recommended by the doctors for skin problems. The surgeries aim to provide the patient with firmer, smoother and restored skin.

For re-defined neck lift, surgery outpatient procedure with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is most common. The surgeon creates a small incision behind the ears to tighten the adjacent skin tissues or remove excess skin from the area. Depending upon the need, a third incision may be created under the chin for both, the doctors’ and the patients’ benefit.

The after effect of the surgery may remain up to several months. But the exact period cannot be stated as it differs from person to person. The general symptoms after the surgery are a tight feeling in the neck, swelling and bruising of the area. Generally, the bruising swelling is gone within a week or two of neck lifting.

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Breast Reduction

The plastic surgery procedure commonly known as reduction Mammoplasty resizes the breast while keeping proportion to the body. The surgery works in the psychological, physical and aesthetic aspect of the body. As a result, the patients get the feel of lighter and firmer breasts.

Women from all over the country as well as all around the world rely upon the breast reduction surgery in India. The quality of the surgery procedure and its cost-effectivity attract more women each day to normalize the size of their breasts. Women who seek for such help are assisted by qualified and experienced doctors for cosmetic surgery in India.

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Breast Augmentation

As opposed to breast reduction, augmentation offers women with sumptuous and beautiful breasts with desirable shape and size. Women often suffer from low self-esteem and cannot discuss with their relative and neighbor about the problem because of social boundaries. Commonly known as breast implantation, the augmentation procedure enlarges the breasts in cost effective and proven method. Women who are unable to pay for the treatment in their home country often travel to India and seek help from the doctors at Cure in India.

The considerably best and permanent solution does not allow any texture alteration and provides women with symmetrical and enhanced breasts. The patients regain their confidence and can socialize with boosted beauty.

Even women with breast cancer opt for the surgery to rebuild their breasts after mastectomy.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a commonly performed procedure in India. In ancient times, Sushruta, the father of Indian plastic surgery had performed first ever nose reshaping surgery in the country. Till date, India successfully holds a leading position in this kind of surgery. The attractive packages and the assistance of some of the best doctors attract a huge number of foreigners for cosmetic tourism in India.

Though the surgery has a funny name i.e. nose job, the procedure and importance of it are not so light weighted. The surgery takes place with patients having two main issues.

  • For improving the physical appearance of the nose and solving common problems of bulging nose tip, broad nostrils, and bumpy nose bridge.
  • People suffering deviated septum problem also opt for rhinoplasty to avoid any breathing problem in future.

A performed cosmetic surgery in India on the nose can totally change the facial appearance of the person. If the surgery goes wrong, the patient will be left with no other option than utter repentance. To avoid such circumstance, it is best to rely upon professionals of the Cure in India concern.

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When the extreme measures of dieting and exercises fail to get us the flat and toned stomach, tummy tuck surgery technically known as Abdominoplasty is the only option left for most people. The surgery helps men and women to get smoother and firmer abdominal profile restoring the separated and weakened muscle of the region.

Many may wonder about the failure of removing abnormality of the abdominal fat. Heredity, age, post-pregnancy physical change and post-surgery effect can influence the abdominal abnormality in a person. But, even a person with normal body weight and proportionate figure with height can suffer from fat and skin problems around the belly area. For all these people, this affordable cosmetic surgery is the proven solution to opt for.

abdominoplasty surgery


Liposuction is commonly referred to as fat removal or fat reduction surgery. The surgical method is not only popular among people for removing fat from the abdomen, thigh, love handles, hips or waist but also from the arms, leg calves, chin, and neck. Indian plastic surgeons are quite famous all across the country for providing a proper solution to the patients without making them bankrupt.

Liposuction is practically a very effective option for getting a harmless result through easy and simple procedures. The procedure is traditionally popular with women aging from 20-40 years old. The surgery is awarded to be one of the most opted cosmetic surgeries in India for the patients of both genders. Among the various types of liposuction, an abdominal reduction is the most common one. People with the common tendency of accumulating fat in the abdomen region are commonly recommended to take the surgery.

The major reason for numerous patients to undergo liposuction surgeries are stubborn fats. Always keep in mind that the surgical procedure is not an alternative method for weight loss. In reality, a liposuction is only an ideal option when the person is close to his or proportionate body weight and is suffering from the stubborn fat of a single body region.

People with obesity may instead opt for bariatric surgery to get an average toned body.

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Mummy Makeover

The surgery procedure boosts the confidence of the women who have just become a mother of a child. Having a child is joyous for any woman. But the drastic change that a woman undergoes before and after giving birth to the child is extremely frustrating for her. A doctor at CureInIndia understands the physical and emotional need of a woman. They attend each patient and dedicate themselves in reshaping the body of the new mothers.

Every woman faces the weight chance problem in their life when they become a mother, but the amount of transformation depends on hereditary, genetic and previous medical history related factors. Irrespective of the woman’s previous history, the doctors at CureinIndia offer advanced treatment to the patients. Thus, women from all across the world fly to India for regaining their previous shape along with their lost confidence.

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Botox and fillers

If you are afraid of surgeries, then injectable treatment is a valid option for you. The treatment offers effective result within 30 minutes and lasts from 4 to 11 months depending upon the amount of damage already taken place.

The non-surgical treatment takes less than half an hour. During this time small quantities of diluted wrinkle fillers are pushed into the facial skin through ultra fine needles, causing minimum pain. As a result, the patient gets a smooth, glowing and rejuvenated skin within weeks. Fighting against wrinkles with the help of Botox and fillers are comparatively easy. Both of them are the proven solution to tackle extreme signs of aging, but fillers and Botox work in separate methods.

Like all other treatment methodology, the injectable skin treatment is risky to some extent. If the patients are not aware of their allergic reaction, then there is a chance some side effects may arise during or after the wrinkle correction treatment takes place. Formation of temporary or permanent tiny bumps under the skin, bluish discoloration, and allergic reaction are some of the effects to look out for.

All these treatments are used for firming the skin and gaining polished-up body. The variation and expert treatment provided by the best hospitals for plastic surgery in India are highly noteworthy.

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