The surgery revolving around the conditions of the musculoskeletal system is usually defined as Orthopedics or the orthopedic surgery. Any orthopedic surgeon can use both nonsurgical and surgical methods to treat any spine and degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal trauma, congenital disorders, sports injuries, tumors and infections.

Hand Surgery

This reconstructive surgery comprehends the surgery of wrist, hand along with the peripheral nerves of the upper limb for better function of the upper limb. However, many hand injuries and disorders can be treated just by using taping, splints, physiotherapy and injections.

Usually, hand surgeries are done under local anesthetic by making the entire arm numb by injecting either above the shoulder or in the armpit; the patient is either lightly sedated or is awake depending on the preference. Overnight stay in the hospitals for such surgery is unusual. However, in the case of treating a child or prolonged surgery, the situation may vary. Due to the precarious structure of the hand, any orthopedic surgeon uses fine and advanced operating instruments including operating microscope or loupes.

For fingertip injuries or amputations, orthopedic surgeons usually recommend the

skin graft surgery (replacing the skin of the injured place by the skin of a healthy body part, called donor site).

In the case of injuries where a particular body part’s skin has got damaged so critically that the blood supply gets thwarted, skin flap surgery (replacing the skin of the injured place by donor site having its own blood supply) is used. Usually, in a case of a broken bone or bone fracture including the fingers, any orthopedic surgeon suggests for skin flap surgery that is extremely effective for the realignment of the broken bone.

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Shoulder and elbow surgery

The orthopedic surgeon performs this orthopedic surgery in India in the case of any elbow and shoulder related injury and deformity. The research articles related to this surgery, published in the Journal emphasizes on the facts how to enhance the possibility of effective practices in case of deformity and disorder in the elbow and shoulder. While treating such disorders, standardizing the assessment is crucial for curing the deformities along with assessing the percentage of disability.

Cure in India provides a vast range of services related to the orthopedic surgery in India. A team of effective, highly skilled professional orthopedic surgeons offer their top-notch quality services to the patients with orthopedic injuries.

The elbow and the shoulder joints are an integral part of the body and are so important that any disorder or deformity in these parts can affect an individual’s lifestyle to great extent. The patients suffering from any deformity in these joints need compassionate and competent surgical care. The Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center’s Orthopedics Department ensures that each of the patients gets utmost care and medical attention according to individual’s health requirement.

At the Shoulder and Elbow Division under the Orthopedics Department of UH Case Medical Center, the highly skilled orthopedic surgeons use latest and advanced surgical techniques. Such advanced techniques diminish the recovery time and the removes or reduce the complications. Moreover, the skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons of this medical center share and publish their experiences of orthopedic surgery along with the surgery outcomes so that other medical organizations can get benefitted from their respective experiences.

shoulder and elbow surgery india

Total joint reconstruction (arthroplasty)

Usually, inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, post-traumatic and congenital deformities cause for knee, shoulder and hip replacements. Due to the complex bone structures and natural aging process, joint health is extremely crucial in the field of orthopedic surgery. The center of Restoration and Cartilage Repair offers their excellent medical services to cure any injuries and disorders related to joints. A better treatment using the latest technologies can ensure improved mobility and flexibility.

The ultimate objective of the arthroplasty is to revive the functionality of the defected and stiffened joint, ensuring relief from severe pain and agony. Among various performed orthopedic surgeries in India, mainly two distinct categories of arthroplastic surgery are done here. Joint resection includes the removal of a bone portion from a damaged and stiffened joint. This process creates a small gap between the socket and the bone for the better mobility. Eventually, the gap is filled by the scar tissue. Although the motion is rebuilt and the pain is diminished, the joint remains less stable.

Rather than performing the joint replacement, any orthopedic surgeon suggests for joint resection in case of rheumatoid arthritis, specifically when the joint of the elbow is involved. For the aged (60 years and above), the orthopedic surgeons recommend the entire joint replacement. Either the entire joint is replenished with plastic or metal prosthesis, or the joint is reshaped and metal disk or soft tissue is implanted between reshaped ends.

A very common instance of arthroplasty is the entire replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder joint. In order to diminish the deformity and to get relief from severe pain and agony along with improved mobility, the arthroplasty is done.

Orthopedic Surgery

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the most commonly performed and successful surgeries in India. This was first performed in 1968. The surgery involves removal of damaged cartilages, positioning the metal implants, resurfacing the patella and inserting a medical grade spacer between the metal components.

Knee Replacement surgery is usually performed in cases where the knee is damaged severely due to an injury or arthritis. Patients usually complain of severe pain and experience difficulty in normal walking or climbing stairs. The surgery is suggested when nonsurgical treatments like medications fail to provide any relief to the patient. Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Port-traumatic Arthritis are the main causes of chronic knee pain and disability.

Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement

Hip is a ball socket joint and is one of the largest joints in the human body. The surgery involves removal of damaged femoral head and its replacement with metal stem, placed into the center of femur which is hollow. The upper part of the stem has a metal ball which press fit into the bone and replaces the femoral head. Acetabulum is removed and metal socket takes its place; screws or cement maybe used sometimes to hold the socket in place. A medical grade ceramic, plastic or metal spacer is inserted between the socket and the new ball to aid smooth gliding.

Hip surgeries are performed for damaged and painful hips. The damage can be caused due to various reasons, including arthritis, fracture or some injury. Patients may experience stiffness and difficulty in routine walking or getting up and sitting in a chair.

Hip replacement surgery was first performed in 1960 and since then, surgical techniques and procedures have improved to a great extent, resulting in its higher success and effectively.

Hip Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder is another ball and socket joint in the human body, comprising of humerus – the upper arm bone, the scapula – the shoulder blade and the clavicle – the collarbone. Any injury to any of these bones or different types of arthritis can cause discomfort and in extreme cases, chronic pain in patients. Shoulder replacement surgery is recommended in such cases when medication fails to provide any relief to the pain.

Conditions like degenerative joint disease – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthritis, rotator cuff tear arthropathy, avascular necrosis, severe fractures, etc. can cause chronic pain to the shoulder and shoulder replacement surgery may be needed in such cases.

Shoulder Replacement

Pediatric orthopedics

The specialists in Pediatric orthopedic surgery are specifically trained to provide effective treatment to the children. In order to ensure that the child gets best and top notch treatment plan, the specialists in this field work together with the pediatricians or a physician of child’s primary care. A Pediatric orthopedic surgeon treats both, the bone defects caused by gestation and the bone diseases related to genetic problems.

India’s pediatric orthopedic hospital ensures providing the utmost care and treatment to each child keeping in mind about their emotional and physical needs. The pediatric orthopedic hospital in India that possess multispecialty feature offer its beneficial services with an effective and professional team of pediatric orthopedic surgeons who work together with the department of pediatric neurosurgery, urology and rehabilitation.

In the year 1741, a French professor, Nicolas Andry proposed the idea of treating deformities and disorders in children. He wrote a book directing more towards the parents regarding such deformities and disorders in the children. However, he highlighted some crucial factors such as freckles and too much perspiring of palm that is very much related to the field of orthopedics.

Pediatric orthopedic surgery india

Foot and ankle surgery

Any foot and ankle related injury and disorder are treated by the sub-specialty of podiatry and orthopedics i.e. Foot and Ankle Surgery. The orthopedic surgeons performing this surgery are specially trained to cure all sort related disorders in both non-surgical and surgical way. In order to treat effectively, understanding the complicated interconnections between deformities and disorders of the ankle, foot, knee, spine and the hip is crucial.

For ankle transplantation, Cure In India offers a wide range of spectacular and miraculous services. The orthopedic surgeons here are well-trained to successfully handle the ankle and foot related cases with utmost care. Both developmental and congenital deformity treatment is done here using the latest innovations in technology along with rehabilitation techniques.

foot and ankle surgery india

Spine surgery

Orthopedic surgeons go with this spine surgery only when the source of the pain (scoliosis, herniated disc, spinal stenosis) has been determined accurately and the non-surgical treatment procedures like physical therapy and medications fail to alleviate the symptoms.

The main objective of this decompression surgery is to diminish the pain causing due to pinching of a nerve root. Lumbar spinal stenosis and lumbar herniated disc are the two primary causes of this lumbar nerve root pressure.

Decompression surgery is usually performed using two methods: laminectomy and microdiscectomy. This type of surgery is performed by the removal of a small bone portion over nerve root or/and removal of disc material from beneath the nerve root.

In order to treat the spinal disorder, the orthopedic surgeon may suggest spinal instrumentation that includes bone screws, plates, interbody devices and rods. To diminish the discomfort and pressure, Anterior cervical discectomy is performed by removing the herniated cervical disc. This space can be permeated with the material of bone graft. To increase the stability, screws or plates can be implanted as well.

spine surgery india

Musculoskeletal oncology

Musculoskeletal Oncology Service emphasizes on treating the bone tumors of the pelvis, limbs and shoulders along with malignant and benign tumors. Apart from all these, primary bone malignancy, metastatic disease related to bone, pathologic fractures caused by malignancy in both adults and children, sarcoma is also cured with the help of this Musculoskeletal Oncology Service.

The Orthopedic Oncology Division provides professional training to the residents so that they can handle the cases effectively and treat both the adult and pediatric patients with great expertise.

The ultimate objective of the Musculoskeletal Oncology Service, a sub-specialty of the orthopedic surgery is to diagnose and cure the patients with metastatic and primary tumors of the soft tissues and bone. Other than these, any unconventional lesion in both, the adult and pediatric, musculoskeletal system can also be treated through the Musculoskeletal Oncology services.

Cure in India offers excellent services with its multidisciplinary team that includes professional oncologists, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons.

Musculoskeletal Oncology Service

Surgical sports medicine

Sports medicine surgeons focus especially on treating the sports-related or athletic injuries. This treatment includes the educational, clinical and investigational situations of sports-related injuries to cure the athletes who got injured.

Cure in India is specialized in handling sports-related injuries using the latest innovations in the technological field. Best of orthopedic surgeons are a part of its multidisciplinary team. Hence, it ensures that the patients can avail best of the surgery and care.

Any orthopedic surgeon needs to specialize in surgical sports medicine to treat the injured athletes. The subspecialty of orthopedics i.e. Surgical Sports Medicine fixates on the musculoskeletal system. In this type of surgery, arthroscopic procedures are performed on the shoulder, knee, ankle and elbow. Each year, this Sports Medicine Division handles almost 3,000 cases of sports-related injuries. Gets the affordable and quality orthopedic surgery at top hospitals in India. Book your appointment Now!

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